Maine Expedition

June 7 -12, 2019

Due to the remote nature of this trip we can only bring a convoy of 10 trucks.
Each truck must be in top running condition (as much as an old Rover can be) and have all necessary spares (including a full size spare tire) and fluids in case of an emergency.
The trails will not be excessively hard but we will have limited to no cell service and there won’t be parts stores or gas stations.
We will make provisional stops along the route but you must be able to carry your own food and water.
We will depart from the starting point in Pittsfield, Maine promptly at 9:00 am on June 7.
We will have 5 days of exploring before breaking camp and heading home the morning of June 12.
As with all NELRC events there are no associated costs or fees, just show up prepared and ready to have a good time.

More details will be provided to confirmed attendees ahead of time.

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